Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Where Ya' Been?

It's been three and a half years since I last posted here, but, hey, no time like the present to restart. Just in time to talk about Hakeem Nicks. The former Tar Heel scored his first NFL regular season touchdown on Sunday for the Giants against Kansas City. Just a short reception but a 50+ yard run after the catch. The last Chief left all of his underwear on the turf...


Thursday, March 16, 2006

Pass The Banana Pudding

It's NCAA Tournament time. Your brackets are filled out. You're half paying attention at work to work, half to daydreaming about the tournament. And checking those scores and your picks. HOOO EEEE it's almost time. Pass the banana puddin'.

That comes from Roy Williams on his Tar Heels waiting to find out who, where and when they would play...

"As I said earlier, we had all the team over the house for some dessert and I think Wanda, Joe Holladay and myself were the only ones that clapped [when our name appeared]. The rest of our team just sat there and said ‘Oh, well – we’re a three seed, where do we go play?’ I’ve always wanted something you can’t have, because I’ve wanted the team to be excited, but yet to be so good that we expect that … But I thought with so many freshmen they would be excited, but the guys just sat there and said ‘Pass the banana pudding.’

So here's to the Tar Heels -- the defending NCAA Champions:

Go Heels! Oh, and would you PTBP!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bring on the Adults

It's been almost two weeks since an obviously deranged Mohammed Taheri-azar attempted to focus his personal jihad against UNC... oh, wait... against an assembled multitude of persecutory protesters gathered in The Pit ... no? Strike that... against an indescriminate assortment of students and passers by at UNC. I'm confused. Maybe you are too. Taheri-azar was a recent graduate of UNC. Hmm. What, he couldn't get a job in the past couple of months? He must not have been reading through the want ads for C-store ...uh, taxi driver ...er... management or marketing/sales postitions on any number of regional internet websites.

At least he remembered to call 911 and report his accident. I'm not so sure you'll see his name mentioned in any ads from the rental car company who loaned him his weapon uh, Jeep, though. Wonder if he paid with cash or by credit card? Probably won't be featured in any bank card ads, either: "I want to use my miles to go to Chapel Hill?" "NOOOO!" The fact is all nine persons directly shaken up in the botched terrorist attack thankfully ended up alright, due to the fact Taheri-azar was inept at accomplishing his task. See any possible connection to the job question, earlier?

What does not surprise me in the least is the flaccid reaction at ground zero+300 yards (South Building - Campus Administration). It was so typical of the former music teacher turned Chancellor that the "incident" not upset people needlessly. Didn't want to call it what it was. Just like most campus elites who were and still are likely thinking, "besides, we must try to 'understand' what terrible confliction must be going on in the young man to cause him to lash out that way, don't you know". No I don't.

Of course the word "terrorism" wasn't and still likely won't be uttered in any official response, even though the Feds investigating it say it was. The obvious feeling is along the lines of, "we must be cautious to diffuse any potential retaliatory reaction, you see." Um hmm.

What's next? Holding hands around a bonfire ooops, can't do that on campus any more... giant pile of picked wild flowers... wait, the environmentalists would have a fit... no, across campus... yeah, that's it... "Hands Across UNC"... and then everyone can sing "Kum ba ya" or even "We Are The World", and feel as if a major breakthrough in international policy has been reached. Must... head... off... any... potential... backlash... against... a... peaceful... religion... (out of breath, sorry) Look, this has nothing to do with Muslims in general, nor the religion of Islam. The problem is as it HAS been: with Islamic fundamentalist-extremist-jihadists.

The "We Are The World" direction does come through in this Daily Tar Heel editorial from last Friday, don't you think?

Yeah, by all means, let's NOT confuse our carefully tailored view of what happened with what Teheri-azar actually said it was. Good grief! Where are the ADULTS in Chapel Hill? Does this kind of reaction make you really feel safe? I hope not. No offense, but it's time to grow a big pair, Meez, and start showing some leadership here. [I can think of the beginning of a speech, if you'd like it... by all means, Chancellor, wrap your mouth around this: "There was and is no excuse whatsoever for that sort of activity on the part of Mr. Teheri-azar, and we intend to see him punished to the fullest extent of the law. No one: no student, no faculty member, staff member, or visitor should EVER feel uncertain about his or her safety on this campus. I have today called for a review of the current security systems, and will personally lead a task force made up of campus, community and state law enforcement and security experts to ensure our campus is made as safe as sanely possible..."] Well, it would be a start, but oh no, much better to take a break and hope the heat dies down by the time classes resume. Good luck on that one.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

RIP x 2

In the past couple of weeks, two men who spent time on the sidelines in Chapel Hill have passed on to the great stadium in the sky. One left Carolina for Annapolis and a 33 year career as an assistant at the Naval Academy. The other went on to become a head coach at the collegiate and professional level, and was known as the architect of the "Steel Curtain" defense of the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers of the '70's -- winners of four Super Bowls.

The first man's son has won three Super Bowls as a head coach, including the last two. Steve Belichick, 86, died November 19th. He had been an assistant at UNC from 1953-55 under George Barclay.

Bud Carson (UNC '52), died Wednesday at 75. He coached at UNC under Jim Tatum ('57-'58), and Jim Hickey ('59-'64). They were both consummate professionals and no doubt were great influences on many young (and not so young) men they coached throughout their careers. Thanks for what you accomplished, and may you both rest in peace.

Monday, November 07, 2005

A Tale... (Part 2)

Before launching into this past weekend's escapades in College Football Carolina Style, a couple of addendums to last week.

1 - If you think going to Knoxville to play Tennessee isn't difficult, even when the Vols are having an off year, then you've definitely been smoking some illegal weed. With 110 thousand (or is it a million) screaming psycho hillbillies and yacht owners packed into the biggest football stadium in the South, even when UT is having a dud of a season concentration is a problem. But you've got to hand it to Darth Visor (aka Steve Spurrier), he had his a-game going comedy wise, not to mention doing a fine job of keeping his team's eye on the prize. The best line of the week was delivered by Spurrier to UT coach Phil Fulmer: According to the Ol' Ball Coach, "I told Phil, 'I could come in here and kick his ass with Duke!'" Which he did in '89. Did it numerous times with the Gators. Did it last Saturday with the Gamecocks. It ain't braggin' if you can back it up!

2 - Looks like North Carolina's loss at Miami the previous week wasn't really 'bad' after all. Yes, not a good thing to blow a 16-7 halftime lead, but understandable against the 'Canes. And an 18 point loss in Miami doesn't look so bad compared to what Miami did to then #3 ranked Virginia Tech in Blacksburg on Saturday. It was never closer than 0-0. Final score a 27-7 spanking by the Hurricanes -- vaulted them from 6th to 3rd in the AP poll this week.

As for this past Saturday, another road win for OBC (Ol' Ball Coach) on the road (although against a not-so-good Arkansas team that's been struggling this year). South Carolina's now bowl eligible with that 6th win (2 more games to go), so no telling what the final tally will be yet. Just don't bet against 'em.

And don't bet against an improbable run by North Carolina's Tar Heels. For the second time in three weeks the 'Heels played a ranked opponent at home. First time they beat #23 Virginia 7-5. Last Saturday they managed another 2-point win over #19 Boston College. It really wasn't that close: 16-7 until BC scored with less than a minute left. We'll take it though. Next up, Maryland at Chapel Hill. The current "most crucial game in John Bunting's career". Win it and move to 5-4 with 2 games to go -- and one win away from bowl-eligible in a season the experts said would find Carolina lucky to win 2 or 3 games. Go 'Heels!!!!!

Then came Sunday. The Carolina Panthers wax Tampa Bay 34-14, a magnificent completion of a great weekend for "Carolina Football" -- three different ways!

It should also be said I was most pleased to see that old friend and former teammate Rod Broadway got two big presents on Saturday: his North Carolina Central Eagles won the CIAA title with a come-from-behind win over Bowie State, and in the process set a new school record, the first ever 10 win season at NCCU. Way to go, "Funky"! He's a great guy, a terrific coach, and a wonderful representative for his school.

Monday, October 31, 2005

A Tale of Two Coaches

Coaching college football has to be one of the most difficult civilian jobs in terms of what you have to do to keep it and the material with which you're working. There are, and have been, a few men who have reached the pinnacle of success in the field, whose every decision has seemingly been "the right one". But the majority find every decision questioned. No matter the degree of success or failure, there's someone out there who a) thinks you're an incompetent boob, b) thinks the old alma mater screwed-up royally by hiring you, c) if you do have success you're incredibly "lucky", because of a and b, and d) swears he'll not send another dime to the school until you're gone. With supporters like that, who needs arch-rivals?

Last year until the last weekend in October, the word at UNC was John Bunting was going to be history by the end of the season.
Yeah, the word went, he's an old alum, he's a really great guy, but man we NEED a FOOTBALL COACH.

Rumor had it that some big wig alums were spotted on the golf course with "the Ol' Ball Coach" (Steve Spurrier) and "Visor Boy" was already checking out the available housing in Chapel Hill. That was the word until Bunting went and screwed that up by knocking-off #4 Miami 31-28 on Halloween weekend, turning around the season, saving his job, pointing the program "in the right direction" and bagging the schools BIGGEST WIN EVER. Not bad for someone "who's a nice guy, but can't coach".

Fast forward to this past weekend. Unlike last year, there's no real pressure on Bunting and the Heels as they travel to South Florida for the rematch with now #6 Miami. For the first half it's all UNC, as the D forces three interceptions and gets a safety when the ball is centered over the head of the Hurricane quarterback and gets out of the end zone. 16-7, Heels at the half. Could have been 23-7 if a wide open receiver catches a perfectly thrown pass. That last line has been a recurring theme this year. (That's one of the things that makes it a frustrating job. And remember, these are 18-22 year olds, not seasoned professionals!) Second half, different story. Miami's Larry Coker must have pulled out every stop in lighting a fire under the Canes, because the 2nd half was 27-0, Miami. Dreams of two in a row over Miami go up in flames. But then again, how many teams actually beat Miami in the Orange Bowl anyway? Precious few.

The cat calls on the message boards were getting crazy even during the game: Worst coach ever. What's wrong with the Heels? Can't they do anything right? And that was even in the first half! ENOUGH. 3-4 on the season with four games left is not the end of the road. Tough climb, yes. But not the end. After all, with the schedule UNC had this year, most EXPERTS said they'd be lucky to win 3 games. Already have that, could win as many as 7 if things fall into place down the stretch. Give the man a break. He DOES have the program moving in the right direction. Remember, even if he's 11-0 SOMEONE won't be happy with "the direction of the program". in the end, he'll do just fine.

As for "Visor Boy", what happened to him? Well you see, after UNC beat Miami last year, (so the story goes) Lou Holtz invited Spurrier for a round of golf at Augusta National. Told him he was going to retire at South Carolina at the end of the season. Supposedly said there was only one guy he'd want to see take his place. Deal made. So, you say, how's the "Ol' Ball Coach" doing these days? He's hasn't got the program where he wants it yet, but it's making progress. I can tell you our daughter is happy about it since he's coaching for her school. And she says she'll take 16-15 over Tennessee in Knoxville any day of the week. I think he'll be okay in his new job.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Harriet Miers has asked the President to withdraw her name from consideration for SCOTUS. Conservatives are breathing again. The loud debate over her nomination was NOT a crackup on the right, despite the wishes of liberals -- it was merely a very loud disagreement.

Now maybe one of the "A-listers" will be the next nominee, and we can look forward to a blow-up on the left.